"Beyond Today's Technology, 

Toward Tomorrow's Experience"

Spacebank aims to become the global DX setter and lead DX innovative technology development utilizing DataOps. 

Spacebank provides clients with customized DX roadmap as a tool to transform their daily experiences into data and to manage and understand the data as well as to visualize tomorrow’s experience.

 To this end, Spacebank runs RAIID Brand and theblank_ Brand.

RAIID is a DX Solution Brand of Spacebank with six Wright Solutions. Via SaaS solution based on AI, RPA and data, RAIID provides clients with DX technology for processing large set of data and automating repetitive tasks.

theblank_, Spacebank's Spatial Content Brand, delivers experiences and data about space from a new perspective. theblank provides clients with a wide range of experiences that can be enjoyed in space through a variety of on- and off-line contents.



-  Awarded the Minister of Science and ICT Citation in 2023 

- 2022 Innovators in the era of hyper-connected intelligence
> Recognized as one of the top companies in AI
- Signed a business agreement (MOU) to develop an ESG management support platform for SMEs with CY, ESGi 

- Participated in the Policy Evaluation Research Institute (PERI)

- Launched smart control solution 'AIoT Wright'


- NIPA Cloud Computing Service quality·performance certification

- The 21st Korea SW Enterprise Competitiveness Awards
> Excellence Award in IT Solution Category 

- RAIID Rodaeri service launch (SaaS-based automation service)


-  LG ES AI Image Quantification Platform Automation Validation 

- LG CNS/LG ES AI Data Processing 

- KT service robot construction and automation verification 

- LG U+ Home-in Service Deployment and Automation Verification 


- Selected as a company fostering the Creative Economy Innovation Center 

- Korea Venture Investment Seed Investment Attraction






Representative: Woney Lee

Personal Information Protection Manager: Seokyong Jo

Business registration number: 285-81-01201

Address:  Room 301, Building A, Seongnam Global Convergence Center, 46 Dalalnae-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do