AD Wright

AD Wright is a Contents Management System (CMS) Solution that can manage contents dissemination and various signage systems. It helps build a cost efficient and systematic management system by remotely managing multiple signages.

🔉 Manage advertising players and digital signage at once on the platform

  • Advertising integrated solution
  • Advertisement Player

Advertising integrated solution

-Check advertising screen linkage status
-Program information settings
-Screen Site Management

🔉 Change and manage your advertising schedule in real time. 

Integrated Player Management
It provides a stable ad-playing service even if the network is disconnected.

Ad Programming Schedule Management
Set up ad playlist for multiple devices and manage them at once.

Providing Advertising History Reports
Clients can check the data report to see if the registered ads were exposed on schedule at the designated sites.

Device Management
Register the ad devices in various areas and manage them remotely.



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