AIoT Wright

AIoT Wright is a smart integrated surveillance system that enables intelligent decision-making in various circumstances. It is a radar sensor-based solution overcoming the limitations of existing CCTV security systems caused by blind spots or inability to recognize motions under special circumstances. Its 3D/4D map-based application provides more realistic image of an object.

🔉 Configure customized control platforms for each industry sector

Being Smart is an indispensable asset for sustainable future. AIoT Wright guaranties easy assess and normalize data as well as the best use of the information. Integrating all smart control-related functions into one platform.

🔉 Smart and accurate security and control!

Supporting MQTT

(standard protocol)

Providing IoT messaging


Intuitive Alarm Setting

Intuitive alarm setting

with message/TTS/icon

Providing its DB

Data analysis and data

integration nodes


sensor history through

a dashboard

Providing a custom

setting function

Custom setting in zones,

sensors, icons, etc.

🔉 Extended range of applications of AIoT Wright

Custom UI enables clients to introduce task solutions suitable for each field.

(Additional change of UI/UX and drawing design are possible.)



Representative: Woney Lee

Personal Information Protection Manager: Seokyong Jo

Business registration number: 285-81-01201

Address:  Room 301, Building A, Seongnam Global Convergence Center, 46 Dalalnae-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do