Sales Wright

RAIID Sales Wright is an integrated sales management platform that collects and analyzes data related to sales and menus of franchise stores. It provides the data and solutions so that your company should focus on customer value.

🔉 Dashboard that can be easily checked by both headquarters and affiliated stores

  • For head office
  • For affiliated stores

Manage scattered sales data all at once.

Sales Wright can collect data from multiple payment channels (OKPOS, BAEMIN, YOGIYO, Coupang Eats) and confirm comprehensive data for all payment channels. 

We provide services divided into headquarters and affiliated stores.

- Headquarters service: Store management and complete data for each store

- Affiliate store service: Comprehensive data such as daily sales, payment details, and reviews of each store

🔉 Franchise management support platform that supports store operations 

- Report of daily sales and the number of payment

- Daily menu purchase details provided in an Excel file

- Possible set option data

- Chart of sales and the number of payments for each store

- Heat map of payment method and sales of each store

Method Management
- Menu depending on each user permission

- Automation monitoring

- Integrated management of payment channels



Representative: Woney Lee

Personal Information Protection Manager: Seokyong Jo

Business registration number: 285-81-01201

Address:  Room 301, Building A, Seongnam Global Convergence Center, 46 Dalalnae-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do